Low Shires Boarding Kennels

Terms & Conditions

1 Drop off and collection times must be adhered to in order to provide the optimum relaxing environment for your dog. Dogs love a routine.


2 Payment must be made in full either prior to, or upon arrival of your dog. Payment is by bank transfer, cash or cheque only. Refunds will not be made if your plans change during the stay and you decide to collect early.


3 We offer a 1 kennel, 1 daily fee policy regardless of your choice of drop off time of am or pm. However, if you are able to collect your dog between 09:00-10:00 on the day of collection there is no charge for this day. Most kennels have a half day fee for the collection day.


4 While we have been lenient in Covid times, we are running a business so in order to continue to provide you with an efficient, reliable service, Low Shires Kennels reserves the right to invoice for a kennel stay if cancelled within 7 days of the start of the booking.


5 An additional charge for Christmas day applies at the discretion of the kennels. There are no further bank holiday charges.


6 All dogs must be up to date with their annual vaccinations, including kennel cough. This must have been administered at least 14 days prior to arrival. Vaccination certificates must be brought in with your dog and stay with us for the duration of the stay.


7 Emergency contact details must be provided incase it is necessary for your dog to leave the kennels due to illness, or if for any reason the kennels becomes uninhabitable (fire / flood).


8 If an emergency visit to the vets is necessary, the owner gives consent for Low Shires Kennels to take the dog. An additional fee of £25 will apply. Either the owner or emergency contact person will be required to meet me at the vets and take the dog home. A poorly dog will not be able to return to the kennels. Low Shires Boarding Kennels are not responsible for any vets fees incurred during your dog’s stay with us.


9 All dogs must have been recently flee’d and wormed prior to their kennel stay. If there is evidence of external parasites, the owner consents to the dog being treated with a product authorised by the local vet. A charge will apply for this treatment. A daily health check will take place for your dog which will include routine grooming to prevent matting, eyes, teeth, ears, nails and pest checks. The dog owner must consent to this.


10 We always strive to accommodate the individual needs of all our guests and therefore are happy to administer tablet or liquid form of medication, always as prescribed by a vet, with the owners consent.


11 Please bring your dogs bed and machine washable bedding.


12 Please bring enough of your dogs food for for the duration of their stay. We are happy to accommodate all dietary requirements. 


13 Please bring any toys that you have for your dog in order to provide some enrichment for your pet during their stay. The owner consents to the dog having 4 walks per day. 2 of these will be for a minimum of 20 mins and will include paddock playtime with enrichment toys and walks in the field with the kennel owner. During inclement weather, walks may be shorter but will be supplemented with extended indoor play / socialisation with the kennel owner. All walks and activities are included in the daily price.


14 Only dogs from the same household may share a kennel. If a problem arises, the owner consents to Low Shires Kennels to separate the dogs. A separate kennel fee may apply if this situation arises.